The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Is Motor Trend's SUV Of The Year

By Blake Z. Rong | October 15, 2012
Motor Trend has named the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class the 2013 SUV of the Year. Remember, we live in an era where the SUVs of yore, the International Harvesters and K-5 Blazers and even the Ford Explorer, are dinosaur relics of a bygone era, the automotive equivalent of Victorian bodybuilders with triangle weights. Today's SUVs include the Range Rover Evoque, a vehicle that seems distilled from all the defining characteristics of every nightclub named "Rehab" in America. Today's SUV is a kinder, gentler, more sensitive vehicle, one more inclined to make you breakfast in bed instead of starting the day with whiskey. Oh well. Changing tastes, and all that. Somebody tell Eugen Sandow that nobody wears one-piece leotards at Bally's anymore. In the end, however, it was just three SUVs that Motor Trend looked at, along with the Ford Escape and Nissan Pathfinder, both of which have been gently car-ified from their previous incarnations. "But in truth," writes Jonny Lieberman, "it was no contest." All the way from the diesel GL350, to the 429-horsepower GL550 and whatever inevitable AMG editions will be concurrently released to the delight of ex-Soviet oligarchs everywhere, the GL-Class sufficiently entertained the hedonists at Motor Trend enough to carry the vaunted calipers in its Designo leather-lined seats. The GL-Class ain't cheap: With a base price of $55,675, and the GL550 bumping up against $108,310, the higher end models are technically ineligible for Motor Trend's $100k SUVOTY lineup.
This is the second victory for the Benz since 2006, when the first generation won. Source: Motor Trend