The New GM? Bonus Pay Based on Customer Loyalty

By Matthew Askari | June 05, 2012
In what may be a sign of shifting attitudes, GM is taking a bottom-line approach, only this time it's not based on how many cars are moved, but to whom and how. According a report in Automotive News, GM boss Mark Reuss has implemented a new pay structure that will reward GM employees for customer loyalty. Reuss has made a public effort to place customers first. "That is the ultimate result of why we're doing all of this, right? People come back and buy our cars and trucks," Reuss said. The latest move falls in line with GM's decision to pair bonuses to a company-wide target for vehicle quality. The North American chief hopes these moves—attention to vehicle quality and customer loyalty—will be the metrics that matter. Reuss said of the old way, "everybody had their own metrics, which somehow were all green, but weirdly, when we added it all up, it was pretty red." He believes the incentives could spur employees to offer better customer service. Reuss wants sales managers and reps to work with dealerships, and focus on customer satisfaction, which will translate to return business, and ultimately means more cars rolling off the lots. Vehicle quality, customer service and loyalty— is this the new GM? Source: Automotive News
Sharon Ruebel
Sharon Ruebel

What about taking care of your employees that worked for you for over 30 years! I know it is always about money and sales etc. but with all the cut backs, selling overseas to China, cutting back Medical and now even more cut backs to those of us who depend on our retirement......Is there no loyalty among the CEO's of this company regarding the people that built this company in the first place? I think it is horrible how you cut away at everything my husband has worked so very hard to build. I use to love GM I have always purchased GM cars, even my car License reads "GMDiva...Not any longer, I am done .......All you seem to consider is what is best for you. I am sure none of you in the elite portion of your company know what it is to lose almost all your pension and not be able to see a doctor because your monies has been stolen by the Company......................................................