The Passatification Of America Rolls On With Increased Volkswagen Production

By Blake Z. Rong | February 10, 2012
Volkswagen designed the new 2012 Passat with just one goal in mind—massive, highway-clogging sales. And it seems to be working: January sales rose 47.9 percent compared to last year, and the 2012 Passat sold a not-insubstantial 6,318 cars. And to assist VW with its onward course towards world (or American) domination, the company is adding 200 new jobs to its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant to keep up with demand. Currently, 2,500 people work in VW's dedicated Passat plant. Adding 200 more people would boost daily output from 31 to 35 cars per hour for the plant's two daily shifts. VW is actively seeking out assembly line positions, but supervisors and engineers are also needed. Of course, the fact that VW needs to increase hourly production means that a lot of people are plonking down on midsize German sedans from the Volunteer State. Better hurry up, kiddo, your car's turning into a Passat. Source: Volkswagen