The Pieces Keep Coming: Third Pininfarina Teaser Unveiled

By Blake Z. Rong | January 18, 2012
A third teaser of the Pininfarina Cambiano has been revealed, and this one appears to be even more abstract than the previous images released by the Italian design firm. This one appears to show the top of the car from the driver's door, which took us here a second to realize it. Blame for our confusion lies with a bizarrely-sculpted, black roof that looks like the truss of a ship, or the handle of the Leatherman Skeletool. Two individually-scalloped seats are shown, which hints at the existence of two other seats. A wood parcel shelf indicates that the car will exhibit "yacht-like styling" and "a new level of luxury," which are phrases that will be almost guaranteed to show up in the press release. Place your bets, gentlemen. Rumors that the existence of a fourth Pininfarina teaser will unite the other pieces and bring forth the Awakening of the Old Ones, harkening the destruction of the human race, are yet unfounded.
Source: Pininfarina