The Relentless Toyotafication of The Planet Marches On

By Blake Z. Rong | May 22, 2012
This week, Toyota marks a lofty goal: 4 million of its hybrids are plying the roads of our fair planet. That range includes the Prius, the Prius v and c, the Camry Hybrid, Lexus GS450h, the Lexus RX, the Kluger Hybrid (we get it as the Highlander, which is a far more boring name), and rather perversely, Toyota's first vehicle to carry hybrid technology, the 1997 Coaster Hybrid EV minibus. Let's put it this way: 4 million hybrids could probably reach the moon and back a few times. The total amount of batteries that these hybrids require total somewhere between 3 and 5 million units. A parking lot big enough to hold all these hybrids would need to be the size of who knows how many football fields. If you lined up 4 million vehicles in a row, there would be a hell of a traffic jam. Previously, Toyota hit the 1 million mark for its hybrids in 2007, 2 million in 2009, and 3 million in 2011. The company estimates that 26 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions have been saved by legions of Prii since 1997, a figure that seems more lofty than it'll ever be proven. But with every year seeing the introduction of new models—six Toyotas in America, and five with Lexus—the exponential growth of the Toyota hybrid, like the growth of the human population, can only accelerate from here. Source: Toyota