The Rich Get Richer: Porsche Acquires the Nardo Ring

By Trevor Dorchies | April 12, 2012
Porsche has announced today that it has acquired the Nardo Technical Center from Prototipo SpA. Known as the "Nardo Ring" by those familiar with it, the oval track features 7.8-miles of open road and steep embankments. The track was designed specifically with high embankments so test cars could circle it at high speeds without the driver needing to turn the steering wheel in any direction, and the Nardo Ring can handle up to speeds of 149 mph before the driver needs to turn the wheel. Aside from the full 7.8-mile loop, the Nardo Ring features a 3.8-mile handling circuit, which automakers from all over the world take advantage of. Score one for Porsche there, as any automaker interested in renting the track will have to make the check payable to Porsche Automobil Holding SE for the foreseeable future. However, you can bet that automakers under the same ownership group as Porsche won't have as much trouble landing some track time as those that aren't associated with the German automaker (yes, we're looking at you Volkswagen , Lamborghini, and Bugatti). For a while, the Koenigsegg CCR held the speed record for a "production vehicle" but it got that record with the steering wheel turned at a 30 degree angle as it entered and exited corners. The Bugatti Veyron went on to knock the Koenigsegg off its test track top speed pedestal when it claimed the title for its own at Volkswagen's test track in Germany. The CCR now only holds the speed record at the Nardo Ring.
There are four lanes the make up the Nardo Ring with them being lane 1, 2, 3, and 4. Speeds are rated by how quickly you can be moving before having to turn the steering wheel. Lane one has a top speed of 62 mph while lane 2 tops out at 87 mph. Lane 3 sees speeds rise to 118 mph while lane 4 registers the highest speeds, 149 mph. The more daring, of course, can go as fast as they want. Source: Cars UK

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