The Song of My People: 2014 BMW M3 and M4 Engine Note Teased in Video

By Jacob Brown | August 14, 2013
Seventeen seconds. That's all the longer it takes to know that something big is coming from BMW. A deep, raucous engine note is heard three times, and there's the sight of a side mirror. That's all we know so far. But that side mirror is two-pronged in the same way that all BMW M3s have been since the 2008 model year, leading us to believe that what we're hearing is the noise of the next-gen sports sedan and coupe. As we've seen several driving around California in camouflage recently, that's not too far outside the realm of possibility. The 2015 BMW M3 will be a separate model from the M4 coupe this time around, but the cars will be fundamentally the same underneath the sheetmetal. That means they'll both be powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine this time around that is expected to make a little more power and a lot more torque than the 414-horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque found in the current BMW M3. BMW's party piece will come by way of significant weight reductions, which are expected to be as much as 300 pounds versus the 2013 car, bringing it closer to the weight of the 2001 to 2006 BMW M3 at around 3,500 pounds. Both the 2015 BMW M3 and M4 will make significant use of carbon fiber and aluminum, further deviating from the 3 and 4 Series models on which they're based. BMW wouldn't be teasing the 2015 BMW M3 and/or M4 unless it were coming soon. Expect to see them at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, but we wouldn't be surprised if either of them made their presence known a little sooner.

Source: BMW via YouTube

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