The Times They Are A-Changin’: Ford Looking to Boost Fuel Economy, Safety, and Technology

By Trevor Dorchies | August 21, 2012
Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally has it all figured out. Since taking on the role as boss of the Blue Oval brand back in 2006, Mulally has had a straightforward product plan. Produce more vehicles that get better fuel economy, are safe, and have some technology not seen in other brands. That all sounds very simple, until the whole budget thing rears its ugly head, and automakers are forced to cut corners. So how does Ford plan to side-step this and deliver vehicles that encompass everything Mulally wants without breaking the bank? As Ford’s market shares slip slightly with the recovery of Toyota and Honda, Mulally’s plan will now be put squarely into the spotlight. The 2013 Ford Fusion sedan and Escape SUV have both been redesigned for the upcoming model year, and the current models only trail the F-Series lineup as the automaker’s best-selling vehicles, respectively; the 2013 models are expected to only liven up that pace. The telling sign that will reveal if Mulally really does have it all figured out will be to see how both the Fusion and Escape fare on the open market. There’s so much focus on the Fusion and Escape because each pack on the technology, something Mulally believes will turn Ford’s recent fortunes around. Each model was designed with the thought that luxury cars shouldn’t be the only vehicles available with cutting edge technology. Some of these “luxury” features include active park assist, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot warnings. Even with the MyFord Touch infotainment system and all of its glitches dragging the Blue Oval through the mud, Ford is looking to build upon it. Only time will tell if Ford has found a remedy to certain factors that hamper MyFord Touch but we recently had a chance to update the system on a 2012 Ford Edge and found it to be relatively simple and easy to interact with after the upgrade.
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Holly Little
Holly Little

I purchased the first 2013 Escape SE 4 wheel drive that the local Ford dealer got in and drove it off the show room floor on 8/9/2012. I am getting 22 to23 MPG on the rural roads here on the coast of Maine with the 2.0 L ecoboost engine. The ride is solid but smoother than I expected with a SUV and the 2.0 L ecoboost engine has amazing get up and go. We hope to take a trip to check out the highway milage soon. So far I love everything about the Escape and am hoping it does well in the Maine winters.