Updated: The Top Ten Safest Vehicles for Under $20,000

By Trevor Dorchies | April 15, 2012
So you're in the market for a new car and want one that'll keep you and your loved ones safe—and oh yeah, you don't have a lot of cash to burn—what do you do? Follow Automotive.com's 10 safest vehicles for under $20k list. These are cars that won't break the bank and will (hopefully) keep you in one piece should you get in to an accident. All of the cars on this list have received a "Top Safety Pick" designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. With many new and good options out there, we sifted through the pack to bring you the safest, cheapest, new cars. For consistency purposes, we selected the entry-level models available for every car, meaning if you want to add a lot of fancy equipment, expect to pay more. But most impressively, our number one on the list will only run you a shade over 14 grand to start, while our number 10 pick will still cost you less than $17k, commendable in its own right. You can view our full list of The Top 10 Safest Vehicles for Under $20,000.

I don't quite understand the absence of an entry-level Subaru Impreza. At $18-19k they're a hair under $20k, and always cream of the crop in crash ratings. Impreaza protects occupants very well in an offset frontal impact, while Yaris and Corolla bend in the middle. This list should have been "safest cars well-below $20k", or "cars closet to $10k with reasonable safety features".