The Volkswagen Crossovers are Coming!

By Matthew Askari | September 10, 2012
Volkswagen has stated clear ambitions for global automotive domination. And the People's Car Company couldn't do this without giving the people what they want: crossovers. Small, pug-nosed crossovers. Volkswagen even teamed up with Suzuki in hopes of developing such a crossover, but joint efforts never came to fruition the way the two sides had hoped it would. But all was not lost; Volkswagen is planning a next-gen Polo subcompact crossover that will look little like the overseas Cross Polo of today, our colleagues at sister publication Automobile Magazine tell us. The new Polo will be a small crossover, but it'll have serious credentials: all-wheel-drive; a dual-clutch transmission; all-weather tires; a heavy-duty suspension; and more. For people who won't be getting dirty as often, there'll be a front-wheel-drive city-cruiser without all the off-road panache and added cost. Volkswagen is planning to offer multiple power options including gas, diesel, ethanol, plug-in hybrid, and battery. Sources say 1.4-liter engines will get between 105 and 150 horses, depending on what's powering them. Larger 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines will be in the works as well. Even before the next Polo arrives, Volkswagen will have put the final touches on the Tiguan II. The new Tiguan is slated to be lighter in keeping with industry trends, roomier and more agile as well. And the full-size segment will get a makeover as well, with the replacement for the current Touareg rumored to weigh about 660 pounds less and rely on power from a smaller, more fuel efficient four-cylinder engine. Check out Automobile's full report, and let us know what you think of the company's broad ambitions. Source: Automobile Magazine