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The Week in Review: January30-February 3

By Jason Davis | February 04, 2012
As much as we love carscarscars, we also appreciate, on occasion, you know, things that happen outside the automotive industry. Like sports and animals and (now) old movies references. Fortunately, all of those things happened (and are happening) this week in the automotive industry! Yeah! W00t! Go team!
Monday, January 30 This week marked the debut of Motor Trend Magazine's new You Tube channel. With new content uploaded daily—professional content, mind you, none of that dog on a skateboard kind of stuff—Motor Trend looks to capitalize on a burgeoning new market. From cars, hot rods, motorcycles, and dirt stuff, our sister site is once again leaving its rivals in its creative wake. For a list of the new content, check out Associate Editor Matt Askari's roundup here.
Tuesday, January 31 Dodge got real this week, revealing that it will, in fact, build a Dart SRT-4. Following on the heels of the Caliber SRT4, and the popular Neon SRT4 before it, the new Dart should add instant credibility to its compact sport lineup, competing with the new Ford Focus ST, and the stalwarts--Subaru WRX and Volkswagen GTI. Even crazier, SRT teased a snippet of a front-end photo of the upcoming Viper. We're pretty sure it's going to be fast. Amurrica! Yeah! Get some!
Wednesday, February 1 There's this game on Sunday. Maybe you've heard of it. A bunch of guys are going to stand around on a field wearing tight clothes and trying to hurt each other. Despite having very little to do with the foot, this "game" is so popular, that tens of millions of bored housewives and people who otherwise have absolutely no interest in glorifying such mindless indulgence, will watch just for the commercials. Which were, for the most part, teased—in their entirety—online. Save yourself the time and watch them here.
Thursday, February 2 Our man, Jacob Brown, donned his reporter cap again this week, following Heather Peters to court in her small claims case against Honda. What's this, you ask? She was awarded almost $10,000 because her Civic Hybrid doesn't get 50 mpg? What's that? She might not even get that check and she may have to go back to big court? Read on for more details, and the latest here.
Friday, February 3 What's drop dead, drop-top sexy, extremely limited, and has the speed and pricetag to match its exclusivity? OK, we've already featured Adriana Lima once this week, and again in this post, but what we really mean is the 2012 Audi R8 GT Spyder. Get one before it's gone! What? You don't have a spare $214,000 lying around? Then check out the photos and dream about it like the rest of us.
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