Third 2013 Buick Encore Image Teased Before Detroit Debut

By Trevor Dorchies | December 28, 2011
It comes as no surprise anymore that automakers slowly leak out photos of their next big thing. In this case it's the 2013 Buick Encore's turn as a third teaser photo has been released. We've already seen a close-up of the front-right head light and part of the grille, and last week Buick teased how the hood would be crinkled and the beginning of the roofline. The latest photo of the Encore proves Buick's new crossover will have a roof and windows. Buick is slowly unveiling one quarter of the 2013 Encore in four installments with expectations being the crossover will be fully unveiled before its scheduled Detroit debut. These photos are making it into the public's hands as Buick releases them through its dedicated Encore app on its Facebook page. The first image released last week didn't show off much but the latest image gives us a better idea of what the top-half new crossover will look like. The roofline and windshield are now fully exposed but everything below the door handles is still hidden. As Buick reminds its followers of the 2013 Encore fan page, be sure to check back weekly for "a rare sneak peak" as the latest image is released. If you aren't one of the lucky 750,000,000 people with a Facebook profile the 2013 Buick Encore is slated to be officially unveiled at the North American International Auto Show next month in Detroit.
Source: Buick