This Ferrari Is Made Of Yarn, Your Argument Is Invalid

By Blake Z. Rong | February 09, 2012
Resembling the unholy union between a Ferrari 355, a Cars character and an 19th century milling accident, this art piece, called "12 Miles of Yarn," comes from the fevered imagination of Lauren Porter, a 22-year old British art student who cites the piece as "an example of how opposites can work together. The high design of the sports car represented with the traditional home craft of knitting sparks thoughts in many directions." Performance, keeping in line with Ferrari tradition, should be explosive: it moves from 0 to 60 miles per hour in the same amount of time the Earth travels that distance (1070 miles per hour). Braking? It's got that covered. Handling? Initial reviews claimed that it was "wooly." And like any Ferrari, it's got plenty of sex appeal: who doesn't want to cuddle up with a soft, squishy sports car? Given Ferrari's proclivities of bursting into flames, however, perhaps an example made of yarn wasn't the safest bet.

Source: Lauren Porter