Three Generations, Two Continents, and One Grandpa Bentley: Still Rolling At Almost One Million Miles

By Blake Z. Rong | October 26, 2011
Most cars from the 1920s enjoy a pretty quiet life of relaxing in the corner of a museum or private garage, surrounded by velvet ropes. But not this three-liter Bentley Red Label Vanden Plas: it’s been driven continuously by three generations, across the Atlantic Ocean on two different continents. Robin Hine’s grandfather bought the car sometime in the 1930s, while he worked as an insurance broker for Lloyd’s.  He drove it every day to and from work, and when he passed away Robin’s father inherited the car. It was shipped to Victoria, Canada, when the family moved, and when the family moved back to England the car went across the pond with them. Robin and his three brothers learned to drive on the car—not an easy task with an open-wheel Bentley—and when he inherited it from his father, he brought the car back to North America in dramatic fashion: he picked it up from the shipping dock at Halifax and promptly drove 5,500 miles across Canada, stopping in Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, and Winnipeg, mimicking a trip his parents took in the car back in 1963.
Early Bentley models like this one are usually up for auction, tucked away as part of some wealthy investor’s growing secret underground collection. But for the past 87 years this particular example has been cared for, cherished, driven, and even has a few missing parts; Hines recalls that his father lent the top to a man in Scotland, back in 1955, which was never returned. It surely made the drive to Winnipeg all the more exciting, but like the car, even that setback hasn’t stopped the owners yet. Source: Vancouver Sun