Today's Recall Roundup: Nissan Trucks, And Subsequently Suzuki, Plus GM's Compacts

By Blake Z. Rong | October 01, 2012
The early Chevrolet Equinox and shamelessly tacky badge-engineered variant Pontiac Torrent never saw critical acclaim; the same went for the Cobalt and, again, its Pontiac G5 sibling. Now those late-2000s GM products are being recalled, along with the Saturn Ion, for a fuel pump that could leak gasoline. The cars affected date from 2007 for the Equinox and Torrent, and 2007-2009 for the compact sedans. Most of these cars were sold in southwestern states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas. Total number of cars affected: 40,859, which is but a drop in the bucket of 200,000 Cobalts and G5s that GM foisted upon us in 2007. The return port on the fuel pump is made of plastic and could crack, which might cause a leak. That could lead to a fire, of course, and no matter how odious GM products were in the dark days before the bankruptcy, it is a fate no car owner should suffer. This current recall expands on another GM issue from 2009, when the cars were new: three years ago, about 53,000 Cobalts, Ions and G5s were brought back for the same fuel pump problem. Today GM hasn't begun to contact owners yet, but once it does it will replace all fuel pump modules for free. If owners have any questions, they can contact GM at (800) 521-7300: cite GM's campaign number of 12190.
Meanwhile, Nissan is recalling the Frontier, Pathfinder, and Xterra for a front wheel hub in the suspension that wasn't built to tough enough standards—the wheel hub could wear out early and crack, which would cause a crash. Suzuki's rebadged Nissan truck, the Equator, is also targeted. Just 2,417 trucks and SUVs are being taken back, all of which were built in 2012. Nissan dealers will replace both front wheel assemblies free of charge. The recall will begin next week, on October 8th: any questions can be directed to Nissan's Customer Service can be reached at (800) 647-7261. Sources: Nissan, GM