Tokyo Auto Salon: Toyota Launches TRD Line For 86 Sports Car, Supercharged iQ

By Blake Z. Rong | January 16, 2012
At the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon, the largest custom car show in Japan, Toyota plans to show a breathed-upon FT-86 with parts from Toyota Racing Development, as well as a diminutive supercharged iQ that in boxing parlance, tries to punch above its weight class. Yeah, because that’s one thing the iQ needed over, say, legroom or a real trunk: more power. The “hottest iQ yet,” as proclaimed by Toyota, features an added supercharger from Gazoo Racing that takes the 1.3-liter hamster wheel of an engine up to 130 horsepower from 94—which should finally enable it to get out of its own way. A six-speed  manual replaces the flimsy continuously variable transmission, and uprated brakes, suspension tuning and a dual exhaust round out the package. Cue the inevitable “jumbo shrimp” gags.
The TRD-massaged FT-86 on display will have an even sportier suspension, enhanced aerodynamics, chassis stiffening measures and a high-performance exhaust system. Given the fact that the FT-86 was released mere weeks ago, it’s easy to ask why Toyota didn’t do this to the standard car in the first place. And what, lose the chance to score on “dealer-installed accessories?” Both cars inevitably come with the usual assortment of custom-car filigree, including aggressive front and rear bumpers, 16-inch Enkei wheels, rear spoilers and sport seats. Your horsepower gains from these additions may vary—or in fact be nonexistent. Source: Toyota