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Tony Hawk Jumps a Lexus LFA Supercar, Because That's What Tony Hawk Does

By Blake Z. Rong | May 17, 2012
In a bizarre mashup that combines a $375,000 vehicle from a luxury company known for its somnolent properties and one of the most legendary skateboarders in the world—the man that made it possible to use the words "skateboarding" and "legendary" together in the first place—Lexus lent Tony Hawk an example of the company's ultra-rare LFA supercar, which Hawk promptly jumped with his skateboard. But of course. Dressed in all-black, Hawk turns the corner on his board and ramps over the bright yellow banana, which is probably something he could do in his sleep at this point. He gets an impressive 3 feet or so of air over the Lexus's hood (there's got to be a cooler, more hip way to phrase that), and lands precariously close to nicking the Lexus's palladium-massaged, diamond-infused brightwork. Hawk is 44 now, wealthy enough to buy an LFA, and approaching that age where he could belong in a Lexus. Is this a sly marketing exercise, or just another day in Hawk's life of jumping over (and occasionally 900-ing) over things? I like to think that he's just on his way to Starbucks and visualizes the world like a level from his eponymous video games. But hey, if it's the former, it could be worse. At least it's not a Chevy Sonic.

Source: YouTube

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Pro Skater 2 was the best bro. Either way nice to see him still up to his old tricks even if he is old.


Tony Hawk 4 is the best skateboard video game of all time. The LFA is cool too.