Top 10 Future Collectibles? Hagerty Insurance "Hot List"

By Matthew Askari | January 31, 2012
Michigan-based Hagerty Insurance specializes in providing classic car coverage, but the company also does something we especially like— every year it releases a "hot list" of new models that it believe will be future classics. Hagerty asks its team of "valuation experts" to pick ten cars among the countless that are released every year, with a primary requisite being a sub-$100,000 price tag. Hagerty Insurance CEO Mckeel Hagerty said, "this year's Hot List includes cars that are sure to develop a cult-like following because their characteristics resonate with driving enthusiasts." While the list is subjective, we think it's a pretty interesting one. Buick Regal GS - in part a nod to Buick, which made a car that won't be sitting in Bingo-hall parking lots (as much). The Regal GS is sportier than anything the automaker has made for some time, and its stylish looks could help it become a classic one day. Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Edition - Ford says it's a "race car with a license plate," and pays homage to the original Boss 302, a true collector's item. We say a special edition Mustang would have to be on this list, that's all.
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 - Not too many Jeeps run north of $60,000, but you don't often associate a Jeep with track performance, either. The SRT8 offers Americans a domestic SUV with flare. Fiat 500 Abarth - The regular Fiat 500 didn't much catch our staff's fancy, but the Abarth ups the style as well as the performance, and makes for an attractive little "pocket-monster." We could see this being collectible, too. Volkswagen Golf R - We got to drive a Euro-spec Golf R the other week, and there were a few ear-to-ear grins, to say the least. The all-wheel-drive Golf packs over 250-hp in a turbo-four, and looks pretty nice doing it, too. Porsche 911 - It's almost an unwritten rule that any Porsche is a collector's item. Classic and sensuous body styles, proven performance, and no shortage of enthusiastic fan boys make this an easy sell. Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 - Ford and Chevrolet have long battled for muscle car supremacy, and with the latest crop of ZL1s and GT 500s, the old rivalry is as strong— literally— as ever. The Chevy Camaro ZL1 does its part by packing 580-hp, which should have Camaro owners cooing with delight. Nissan GT-R Black Edition - Just barely making the under $100,000 cutoff, the GT-R is a track beast. It's also the only car out of Asia on Hagerty's list, but with 530-hp in a highly tuned V-6, it simply can't be excluded. The Black Edition will also feature more exclusive equipment. Dodge Charger SRT8 - The Charger made Hagerty's Hot List for an unexpected feature— its multimedia screen. More specifically, the high-performance Charger SRT8 has "performance pages," essentially data that is fed back to the driver such as available horsepower and torque. Its retro-iconic nameplate doesn't hurt things, either. Audi TT RS - Audi's sole entry on the list makes the cut in part because of the German automaker's heritage, but also because of the global appeal of the TT RS, which should translate to global demand. What do you think of Hagerty's list? Did they overlook any future classics? Let us know in the comments below. Source: Hagerty Insurance