Toyota #1 in Sales and Honda Breaks Personal Sales Record

By | January 28, 2013
According to a statement made by Toyota City, Japan-based carmaker, in 2012 Toyota Motor Corp. regained the total sales lead from General Motors Co., rising 23 percent to a record 9.75 million units sold, where GM had 9.29 million units sold. Makers of the Camry are projecting sales in 2013 to hit 9.91 million in annual sales this year, which includes all Toyota brands, such as Lexus and Scion. The weakening of the yen makes the car more competitive against South Korea's Hyundai Motor Co. Adding to this high projection is the company's recovery not only from the devastating natural disaster, but also from record recalls that crippled its reputation on quality. "Toyota has fully recovered from the earthquake and natural disasters a year earlier. Japanese carmakers, including Toyota, will continue to benefit from an extremely strong U.S. market," Satoshi Yuzaki, a Tokyo-based general manager at Takagi Securities Co told Bloomberg News.
Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corp., plans to widen the Japanese automaker's appeal beyond its best-selling cars simply by making its cars more fun to drive. Not only is Toyota making its vehicles more fun, but it is also pricing its cars to a college graduate's starting salary, attracting the younger buyers. Adding to the attraction, at the 2012 North American Auto Show, Toyota released a concept called the "Corolla Furia." It has been rumored this will live on as a special Corolla. With aggressive styling and big wheels, rumor has it that Toyota may go as far as to offer a sporty version of the next-generation Corolla, based on the concept. This new model will help Toyota expand sales to younger buyers who want a more affordable sports car. Not a company to be idle, Honda Motor Co., Ltd., announced on January 28, 2013 a summary of automobile production, Japan domestic sales, and export results for the calendar year 2012 as well as for the month of December 2012. Honda experienced year-on-year increases in production in all brands for the first time since 2010, both in Japan and worldwide, setting an all-time record for calendar year production in 2012 with 4,110,857 units sold. However, in the month of December, production in regions outside of Japan, including the United States and North America, had a year-on-year increase for the eleventh consecutive month, making December a record high production month with 225,939 units sold. Source: Bloomberg, Honda