Toyota and BMW (Finally) Bring Joint Supercar to Life

By | November 08, 2013
Two years ago, BMW and Toyota announced an agreement to co-develop a line of sports cars, combining Toyota's hybrid expertise and BMW's engine and performance prowess. The new model will not be a high-performance version of the Toyota 86 as expected, but a LFA-inspired hybrid, picking up where the current model left off. The new $300,000-plus supercar will most likely be powered by BMW's 4.4-liter turbo V-8 engine, as it will consume less fuel and CO2 emissions than the LFA's current 4.8-liter V-10. Add that to Toyota's hybrid system and the new supercar will have an optimal powertrain, although it is still unclear what the chassis in which the vehicle will be based on. Thanks to the 10 years that the LFA was in production, Toyota now has expertise with carbon-fiber bodies, which will be further honed with BMW's carbon-fiber reinforced plastic mass scale production abilities.
Many automakers have jumped on the hybrid supercar bandwagon to bring forth more power and performance, while reducing their carbon footprints. Ferrari and McLaren are just two examples of such supercars, along with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive, which is not only purely electric, but the most powerful AMG ever built. Although Toyota may be playing a bit of catch-up with these automakers, the automaker will also have to improve its exterior designs and performance and handling knowledge from its German partner to create a sports car worth that $300,000 price tag. Source: