Toyota Announces Hybrid-R Concept

By | August 07, 2013
At the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10, Toyota will unveil a new hybrid model, the Toyota Hybrid-R. Many details have yet to be released about the concept vehicle, but what we do know is that it will be the first to bring the Le Mans-developed Toyota Hybrid System-Racing technology to the open market. With the addition of the new vehicle, Toyota has developed a new logo to separate it from the rest of the hybrids in its lineup. It features the same blue and silver from the Hybrid Synergy Drive logo, but its shape is clearly unique. The stylized lettering on the logo has become intertwined with "Racing," which is emphasized by the subtle checkered flag graphic seen in the blue "R." Toyota engineers have been keeping a close eye on the development of the Toyota TS030 Hybrid race car, hoping to improve energy recovery capabilities to use in the brand's mainstream vehicles.
Right now the overall design and shape of the Toyota Hybrid-R concept is up in the air, but as the month progresses and it gets closer to the Frankfurt Motor Show, more information will become available. Source: Toyota