Toyota "Camry Thrill Ride" Plays on Obvious Oxymoron

By Matthew Askari | October 04, 2013
The Toyota Camry is America's best-selling car, a popular midsize sedan, and well, a lot of things. One thing it clearly is not, is "thrilling." While the sedan has a deserved reputation for reliability, high resale value, and being a perennial favorite among shoppers, it's also fairly boring.
Either to shake this image, or--and this is what we're hoping here--to actually poke fun at its breadwinner, the automaker is launching the "Toyota Camry Thrill Ride" campaign. In a series of online videos, we're shown the Camry  on some closed course autocross loops, as well as theme-park style roller coaster tracks. In one of our favorite videos, you can watch the Camry from eight different camera views, and can toggle between the cameras for different perspectives. With plenty of screeching hot rubber, these aren't your ordinary Camry videos, if Camry videos exist. You can check out the Toyota Thrill ride videos yourself, or get a taste with the video below.

Source: Toyota