Toyota Cleared in California Wrongful Death Lawsuit

By | October 11, 2013
Earlier this week Toyota Motor Corp. was cleared of all liability in a wrongful death lawsuit that was filed back in 2009. During the time of the accident, the automaker was dealing with reports of unintended acceleration, but even with these claims, jurors believed the vehicle itself was the cause of the accident. The victim of the accident was Noriko Uno, who was hit by another vehicle, causing her to hit a telephone pole and tree. Her family sued Toyota for $20 million, as they believed the accident wouldn't have happened if Uno's vehicle had a brake override system. Jurors found the other driver, who is now 90 years old, to be at fault, as they ran a stop sign. However, because of these accusations, Toyota issued a recall worldwide as other reports of unattended acceleration came in. The automaker agreed to pay $1 billion in lawsuits to resolve the issue, even though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and NASA couldn't find evidence of the problem.
Even with the lack of evidence, attorney Garo Mardirossan said, "We were able to demonstrate how their system can fail without a brake override system. We found some chinks in Toyota's armor. I think the next case will be a winner." Regardless if that is true, there are over 80 other cases that have been filed against Toyota for similar problems. Source: NBC Los Angeles