Toyota Previews NS4 Plug-In Hybrid With Bizarrely Futuristic Video

By Blake Z. Rong | January 04, 2012
Toyota’s plans for the Detroit Auto Show are wonderfully vague. To nobody’s surprise, it will showcase a plug-in hybrid to coincide with its ever-burgeoning Prius lineup. And to showcase—well, something, at least—Toyota has released this frankly bizarre video of the NS-4 concept, a car that’s been teased before, but not quite like this. Judging by the preview video Toyota has foisted upon an unsuspecting audience (us), the car appears to be controlled by electrical signals that travel along nerves and muscles, stemming from a central control system located somewhere above our necks—reached upon by groupings of strange, cylindrical shapes called “fingers.” These devices will be able to touch things, access screens, and apparently shoot clouds of blue smoke as if they’ve been dipped into liquid nitrogen, or if Emperor Palpatine’s having an off day. All it needs is a techno remix from Billy Idol’s “Cyberpunk” and a Max Headroom appearance, and the illusion will be complete. Is there a car in the video? Nope, you’ll have to wait for Detroit. But there is evidence of Toyota’s designers slaving over clay molds, presumably in an effort to show their overlords that they’re not just taking their afternoons off.  Details on the car are mum. Is it a coupe? Is it an electric version of the FR-S? Will it have four doors and a hatch? Good questions all, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy this chrome-eyebrowed headlight teaser until the Detroit show rolls around next week.
Source: Toyota