Toyota Prius Falls Behind In Safety

By Automotive Staff | August 16, 2007
So, you're into the 'green scene' and you want to show it by driving a hybrid. But you are concerned with safety. So, the question is what are the safest hybrids from which you can choose?AutoblogGreen has done its own research using data from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency and has come up with its list of the five safest hybrids for the 2007 model year. The ranking was based on front and side crash ratings and star ratings for front drive, passenger and side front and rear seat. Anyway, the safety hybrids include:
  1. Toyota Camry Hybrid (pictured)
  2. Honda Civic Hybrid
  3. Ford Escape Hybrid
  4. Mercury Mariner
  5. Toyota Prius
Our take? We were taken aback that the Prius faired so poorly. Could it be that the quintessential hybrid, even though younger than the older Escape/Mariner twins, has fallen behind in standard safety features due to the latter two's refreshes by Ford We're anxious to see what the new Prius will have standard.