Toyota Prius to Get 60 mpg, e-AWD, and New Sleek Design?

By Matthew Askari | November 19, 2012
The Toyota Prius is easily the most popular hybrid in America, thanks in large part to its excellent fuel economy. The eco-friendly Toyota Prius has done so well the automaker has expanded the Prius family to include compact and wagon versions—the Prius C and Prius V—as well as a plug-in model. But if there has been one knock on the Prius, it's that the hybrid is too singularly focused; It delivers the mpg, but can Toyota not offer a more appealing aesthetic? According to a new report from our sister site Motor Trend, a sleek, possibly very cool looking Prius may be on the way. But that's not all.
Toyota engineers are looking at ways to make the Prius even more fuel efficient, and one obvious solution is to pare down the vehicle weight. The 2015 Toyota Prius is said to shed about 150 pounds, which could help push efficiency up to an impressive 60 mpg combined. And while Toyota's most popular hybrid is prevalent in states like California, the automaker is looking to add an electronic all-wheel-drive capability that could add appeal for buyers in more challenging climates. As a Toyota engineer told our colleagues in the report, "the rear wheels will be driven by a motor in what we call an e-4WD system. Targeting snowy areas, the rears will operate up to 37 mph. Above that speed, it becomes a purely front-wheel-drive car."
An even more fuel efficient, all-wheel-drive capable, better looking Prius sounds like a win for eco-minded consumers. We'll be following closely along to get the latest from Toyota.
Source: Motor Trend