Toyota Ramps Production Due To Tacoma, Tundra Demand

By Joel Arellano | January 18, 2012
Toyota continues recovering from last year's devastating Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami which affected supply lines around the world. The automaker plans to add what it calls a "day of production" starting this Saturday at its San Antonio, Texas plant. According to Automotive News, the plant, which builds both the full-sized Toyota Tundra pickup truck and the smaller Tacoma, was quiet for up to six weeks after the crisis, its workers put on shortened schedules during much of the summer season. Toyota now hopes to bring many of its plants in the U.S. and Canada back to capacity not only to restock dealership inventories, but meet pent-up demand. Says Toyota spokersperson Brandyn Moore: "The effects of the tsunami have run its course and we are back to rolling at full capacity of production. We are trying to catch back up and get the trucks back on inventory lots for the dealers." Toyota also plans to explore adding more days of production in the weeks ahead.
Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)