Toyota Recalling 87,000 Toyota Prius and Lexus HS 250h Models for Potential Brake Problems

By Jacob Brown | June 05, 2013
If you own a 2010 Toyota Prius or Lexus HS 250h, we have some news that may make you cringe a little. Both vehicles are getting recalled for a potential fault in their brake pressure accumulators, which affects around 87,000 of the hybrid cars. The brake pressure accumulator makes your pedal have some pressure behind it so that you can confidently stop the vehicle. In the Prius and HS 250h, it works with the brake booster to mitigate between the hydraulic brake pressure in the lines and the regenerative brakes that help recapture energy into the car's battery pack. Toyota says the part can crack because of vibration, which could lead to an accident. No injuries or accidents have been reported, though. Under the recall, owners will receive notifications through the mail to have their brake pressure accumulators examined and replaced free of charge if necessary. Lexus HS 250h owners with any questions can call the Lexus customer service line at (800) 255-3987, and Toyota Prius owners can do the same at (800) 331-4331.
Source: Toyota