Toyota Reinvents 2012 Camry in New Ad Campaign

By Jacob Brown | October 18, 2011
As promised months ago, Toyota’s advertising onslaught for the Camry has begun. With it, the automaker will begin its ascension toward maintaining its midsize sedan sales supremacy in the U.S. The leadoff for the 2012 Toyota Camry is a 30-second spot called “Built.” Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the same advertising agency that thought up Toyota’s disturbing “people-person” commercial for the Prius lineup, the new commercial depicts a man getting into his 2012 Camry as it is literally built around him. Highlighted in the spot is the new Entune infotainment system that can display cell phone information via Bluetooth and play Pandora internet radio stations from your phone via the car’s stereo. It is one of six new commercials that will hit network television by the end of 2011. Two more will debut in early 2012.
Additionally, Toyota plans to highlight new features of the 2012 Camry through social media, print, digital advertising, a billboard in Times Square, 125 test drive events through the U.S., and diversity marketing events to attract minorities. In its digital advertising, Toyota has already filmed a series of short clips featuring Nascar driver Kyle Busch racing around in his Toyota Camry stock car on the track and enjoying the street-ready sedan.

The magnitude of the strategy is ambitious. But then again, Toyota doesn’t want to lose its first-place status in the marketplace in the midst of a midsize sedan resurgence that is forcing automakers to up their ante to stay relevant in a quickly-moving segment. With the new Camry recently hitting showrooms, it will be fun to watch and see how the automaker reacts to the heightened number of competitors.

Source: Toyota

Joel A
Joel A

I had a chance to drive the Hybrid recently and for goodly amount of time. It was a surprise.


what the? this is a great model of camry..