Toyota Reminds Us: The Yaris Is a Car!

By Jason Davis | September 23, 2011
You know it's bad when an automaker has to point out that one of its vehicles is "a car." And that's exactly what Toyota has done with a series of quirky commercials featuring its new Yaris and comedian Michael Showalter. We found eight of the new short spots on YouTube, most ranging between 15 and 30 seconds, which offer lines such as, "The Toyota Yaris has cup holders. They're like cups for your cups," and, "The Toyota Yaris has windows that go down--and up. Standard." We question why Toyota is so self-deprecating, but we suspect the new publicity has something to do with Yaris sales, which were down 51.2 percent on the year. So, just to remind the Honda Fit, Mazda2, Ford Fiesta, and Chevy Sonic buyers out there: The Toyota Yaris is a car, too, and it has nine airbags, a soft-touch dash, "contemporary" styling, many similar-looking colors, and a USB port (self-conscious, fixie-riding Hipster girl not included). We're pretty sure most people, like our parents and grandparents, will look at these ads and respond like Father Time did. But what about you? Funny, or not funny? And, who would win in a cage match between Honda's Patrick Warburton and Toyota's Michael Showalter? Source: Toyota


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good cars i like yaris too..