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Toyota Sees Hybrids As Next Ford Model T

By Automotive Staff | July 18, 2007
Jim Press, once head of Toyota Motor Sales in the U.S. and now president of Toyota North America (the first non-Japanese to do so), is confident of his employer. Press compared the Prius to the old Ford Model T. He explained that the Model T was the forerunner of the modern automobile. Now the Toyota Prius is the forerunner of what the automobile has become. As gas prices continue to rise, the popularity of the gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles will also rise until they ultimately dominate the U.S. roads. "Eventually, everything will be a hybrid," he said in the Chicago Tribune. Toyota expects that at least 175,000 Prius hybrids will be sold in North America this year, 109,000 more than was sold last year. Our take? We think there's a bit of hubris in Press' statement. We don't foresee the extinction of the gasoline engine is most of our lifetime and, in fact, predict that diesel may give it a run for the money.
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The Model T Gas engine got 30 MPG 100 Years Later Toyota Prius Gets 40 MPG ( According to the new estimates that are not lies ) So we gain 10 MPG in 100 years umm..... My thinking is that Toyota is really pushing this PR event and it’s disgusting. The Toyota Prius is a FAD car like a BUG. Its about as advanced as a IBM 286. It’s very frumpy and from reports I have heard its totally booing to drive. America needs to be united and support our own companies. It’s a sad day in this country when people in the press get paid off to make articles like this. I think its totally un-American and these people have no soul. You ask an Italian what is the best car he will have pride and say Italian Cars. German will say German Car French will say French Car Americans will forget there past, the hard work there ancestors have accomplished and totally forget we invented the mass production car and say how great some cheap small car is . (America needs a wakeup call )


nah. the germans are playing catchup while the domestic automakers are fighting to survive. koreans? they're busy with their strikes.