Toyota Sets Prices for 2012 Prius V and Plug-In Models

By Jacob Brown | September 16, 2011
Complementing the original Toyota Prius liftback, two new Prius models have finally joined the fold of the automaker’s environmentally friendly endeavors with pricing just released: The Prius v wagon and Prius Plug-in. The Prius v, which increases cargo space 58 percent versus the original Prius, starts at $27,160, including $760 for destination and handling. It comes in three model levels: base-level Two, midlevel Three, and top-level Five. Toyota labels Prius equipment levels with Roman numerals, so don’t be alarmed when you see a “Toyota Prius v V” at your dealership. It’s not a typo. The Prius v comes well equipped, but the Three comes with a touchscreen audio system, navigation system, and the Entune multimedia system that includes satellite radio and text-to-speech technology. The Three starts at $27,935.
The Prius v Five features heated seats, 17-inch wheels, and LED headlamps, and other features. Its price is $30,750. The Prius Plug-in, on the other hand, looks very much like the standard Prius and goes after the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf’s electric-car territory. As the first Prius with lithium-ion battery-power in the U.S., it has the ability to travel 15 miles on pure electric power at 62 miles per hour. That’s a far cry from the Volt’s 25 to 50 miles and the 80 to 100 miles of the all-electric Leaf. But the Prius Plug-in doesn’t cost as much as either of those cars. Carrying a base price of $32,760, including the destination charge, the Prius Plug-in runs more than $3000 higher than the standard Prius Five. It makes up for it with equipment levels similar to those in the Prius Three and Four, in addition to boasting the equivalent of 87 mpg in electric mode. The upscale Prius Advanced comes equipped with every option available in Prii and costs $40,285. Both Plug-ins are expected to be eligible for a $2500 federal rebate. The Prius v is expected to go on sale at dealerships in October. Dealerships will also begin taking orders for the Prius Plug-in in October, and deliveries will begin in 14 states starting next spring with a nationwide rollout set for 2013. Source: Toyota
Rj Lancaster
Rj Lancaster

The Prius plug in will be a great selling vehicle. The Nissan LEAF has already been very successful. Charging stations are popping up everywhere too! I look forward to the new Prius Plug in