Toyota Tacoma Getting First Redesign In Seven Years

By Sam Grossman | August 01, 2011
Seven years is a lifetime in the automotive industry, but that's how long the current generation Toyota Tacoma has been around, without so much as a nip or tuck to its aging design. Now, the The Wall Street Journal reports that Toyota will be redesigning its mid-size Tacoma truck for the 2012 model year, joining a long list of new or redesigned vehicles that Toyota will be rolling out, including the 2012 Toyota Camry, the 2012 Toyota Prius v hybrid wagon, and the super-compact 2012 Scion iQ. According to Bob Carter, Group Vice President and brand manager for Toyota, The new Tacoma will feature a redesigned exterior and interior, as well as updated entertainment systems. However, the truck will keep its current 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine, and the underlying structure will be largely the same. With Ford, GM, and Chrysler stopping production of their small pickups, Toyota now dominates the small truck segment, which Carter says, "is an important segment for us because it provides us with young customers."
Gas prices also play an intricate role in sales for smaller trucks such as the Tacoma. The higher the gas prices, the more likely a consumer will be to stray away from larger trucks such as the Ford F-150 and buy smaller, still useful trucks like Tacomas. Toyota's own sales numbers bear this out: Through last June, Toyota sold more Tacomas than its much bigger, full-size Tundra. Source: The Wall Street Journal

About darn time. The design is really starting to look dated now.