Toyota Testing More Powerful Scion FR-S Models

By Matthew Askari | August 19, 2013
Toyota's youth-oriented Scion brand had seen a sharp decline in interest and sales with the lagging global economy a few years ago, but the one bright spot has been the automaker's newest model, the Scion FR-S. The model has reinvigorated interest and enthusiasts have since been speculating about future versions. After many concepts that highlighted performance and power increases, it appears the automaker is hoping to make a more powerful production model.
According to a recent report in The Sydney Morning Herald, the chief engineer in charge of the FR-S, Tetsuya Tada, has admitted his team in looking in to a number of ways to boost power. The more powerful version is expected to debut on the Scion FR-S midcycle refresh, sometime in 2015. But how exactly the car will see a power bump, is still being considered. According to the report, Toyota is looking at three possibilities.
The first possibility is a larger displacement engine, possibly swapping the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine for a 2.5-liter one. Adding a turbocharger to the current 2.0-liter is another possibility, and third, perhaps least likely—at least in the shorter term—is using a hybrid system. The hybrid would add power using an electric motor and battery pack. We'll be following closely along for new details for the upcoming FR-S.
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald
Joshua Iano
Joshua Iano

If Scion wants to retain the future success of the FR-S, it needs to move quickly in bringing a more powerful production model to market. It's no secret that Alfa Romeo, Hyundai and Nissan are moving aggressively to bring their own affordable, RWD, performance models in play by early 2015 and Scion cannot afford to wait on improving the 200 HP, 151 Tq. numbers for the FR-S.