Toyota to Relive its Past: Will Soon Build Two More Sports Cars

By Jason Davis | November 13, 2012
Sports cars are important in creating a bond with buyers. That’s the refrain from a recent interview with Tetsuya Tada, Toyota’s chief engineer for the Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S twins. And, confirming industry speculation, Tada-san told Asiaone Motoring that the iconic fuel-sipper brand is planning to release two more sports cars in the coming years. According to Tada-san, the recently released BRZ/FR-S will be the middle car in a three-car sportster range, sandwiched by a Supra-successor at the top—perhaps a sibling to the Lexus LF-LC concept car seen last January in Detroit—and an entry-level car below. We’d love to see the resurrection of the MR-2 nameplate—and mid-engine driveline! This is shocking news to anyone who has watched Toyota for the last 15 years as it doled out bland and passionless hybrids and family sedans after axing its MR2, Celica, and Supra models in the late '90s. Now, it seems that the once-slumbering giant has awoken. "We have two pillars,” said Tada-san, “an ecological car and driving fun. We must balance these two aims, otherwise users won't recognize us [as] a true carmaker." Little is known about the next two sports cars, what they will be named, when they will arrive, and how they will be powered. But, from comments by Tada-san in the interview, it is clear that each car will serve a specific purpose, noting that the BRZ/FR-S’ purpose was not "pure speed," but "driving pleasure." "The president [Akio Toyoda] has asked me to make a successor to the Supra as soon as possible," said Tada-san. He also noted that it will be different than the BRZ/FR-S, which was designed around an open concept to give its driver limitless potential for modification and personalization. So, will we see a Supra based on "pure speed?" Or an MR2 with the classic mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout at a price point to compete with the upcoming Ford Fiesta ST? It's too soon to tell, but we’re looking forward to finding out. Source: Asiaone Motoring
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