Toyota Yaris Ads Go Off the Rails With Superhero Road Trip; Cat's Favorite Cars

By Joel Arellano | December 20, 2011
Automakers face a daunting task catching the attention of consumers already distracted by television, radio, MP3 players, smartphones, video games, CDs, DVDs, the "information superhighway," social media, video, apps, and -- oh, yeah -- magazines, newspapers, and even books (remember those?) . While some automakers resort to the tired but still true sex appeal approach, more creative ones are catching the public's jaded eye with stunts like dropping the Chevrolet Sonic from an airplane or twisting the subcompact over a gigantic skateboard. Toyota took a third approach—quirkiness—for the 2012 Toyota Yaris "It's a Car!" ad campaign. The first is a video series on Youtube that documents comic book superhero second-stringer the Hulk as he goes on a road trip to Cleveland, Ohio as part of his anger management therapy. You can imagine what car he's driving on this epic trip. While comic book fans will groan over the portrayal of characters like Dr. Strange, more mainstream audiences may recognize the stop-motion animation used in the series from Adult Swim's Robot Chicken series. Er, maybe not. Toyota then goes after cat lovers with a sponsored post on the "I Can Has Cheezburger" website. There, visitors can check out the contents of Happy Cat's car or check out the marshmallows in Ceiling Cat's car. Though it's never stated, we assume all four vehicles are Toyota Yaris hatchbacks, but whenever we try to get our cats into a car, we just get swiped at. Those claws, by the way, are sharp.'s take: The Toyota Yaris ads definitely caught our attention for being so, well, different, but we're still figuring if such differences translate into sales. Check them out in the links below and let us know in our comment section what you think about that. Meanwhile, we'll treat these scratches. Source: Youtube, I Can Has Cheezburger?