Toyota’s People-Person Introduces Prius Family in Bizarre Commercial

By Jacob Brown | September 16, 2011
Definitely coming in on the weirder side of things we’ve seen lately, Toyota has created a commercial with its advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to welcome in the three new Prii to round out the Prius family. Called “People Person: The Toyota Prius Family,” the 60-second spot features 18 people comprising a monolithic humanoid as it goes through its morning routine. At the end, viewers catch the commercial’s altruistic directive: There’s a Prius for everyone. In actuality, the commercial’s aesthetics look as though they were designed from the nightmarish afterthoughts of a Nick Jr. children’s show. And you wonder what kinds of minds would think up this pastel Stepford-like world until you realize that this commercial was created by the same agency that came up with an elaborate stalker-themed guerilla marketing campaign that has since elicited a $10 million lawsuit as a result of emotional distress it caused. Check out the commercial below. Do you think it’s clever and memorable? Or just plain creepy?

Source: Toyota via YouTube