Tracking Santa Claus Down Courtesy of NORAD

By Joel Arellano | December 21, 2011
Tables turn on the fat man in red as Santa "he sees you when you're sleeping" Claus finds himself in the crosshairs of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Course, the red alert is all in good fun. NORAD and automaker General Motors have teamed up again this year to track down Kris Kringle's flight path across the heavens. NORAD will monitor Santa and his eight reindeer (can you name them?) via GPS, radar, and other sophisticated tracking equipment. GM's OnStar division will then provide the location to subscribers starting on December 24th at 0700 EST until December 25th at 0500. Subscribers simply press the blue OnStar button, ask for a "Santa Update," and they'll know how much time they have left to bake those cookies for St. Nick, or film him for the next day's Youtube meme. Non-subscribers will have to resort to crude means like Internet ( or even the telephone (877-446-6723) for the latest updates.
"Learning where Santa was throughout the evening last year made my 4-year-old, Ashley, giggle every time,” said OnStar subscriber Ryan Edward. “It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained while traveling to family and friend’s homes.” Source: General Motors/OnStar