Traffic Light Maker Designs Radar that Eliminates Running Red Lights

By Jacob Brown | August 13, 2012
There are two schools of thought to the yellow traffic light: slow down, or go faster. Figuring out which one is appropriate in a given circumstance can cause quite a dilemma at times. It's so frequent that there's an official term for it: the "dilemma zone." We didn't make that up just now. Traffic management technology company Traficon out of Belgium says it'll be able to eliminate that problem shortly. Making its official introduction at last month's annual International Municipal Signal Association conference in Orlando, Florida—we didn't make that up, either—Traficon's TrafiRadar won praise for what it may be able to bring to a city near you. Using radars, it's able to sense when a vehicle may need more time to get through a yellow light light as it turns red, keeping all other traffic halted until the last car makes it through the light.
It also does the same when paired with technology that can read bike-lane traffic. Called VIP Bike, the technology gives the two-wheeled folk the right of way so they don't end up getting hit by a car. Part of a movement called intelligent transit systems (ITS) that uses radars, computer algorithms, and Wi-Fi networks to better control the flow of traffic, the TrafiRadar system will also help make driving safer. Many municipalities use red light cameras to gain revenue. Systems like what Traficon has designed would ostensibly eliminate that happening by way of holding yellow lights longer. That could cause problems for small towns. But it could also make traffic safer for everyone. We'd rather have the latter. Source: Wired Autopia