Trio of Christmas Videos Show Chevrolet, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz Have Holiday Cheer

By Jacob Brown | December 14, 2012
Rather than presenting yet another obnoxious commercial with a car wearing a giant red bow or a recreation of "Over the river and through the woods," automakers are taking it upon themselves to have a little creativity for the first time since Coca-Cola created the identity of the modern Santa Claus. In these particular instances, General Motors, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have come up with a video festivus of sorts, each presenting different humorous angles on Christmas. With these videos, we have GM's factory robots pumping out toys for all good girls and boys, Mercedes-Benz making snacks for Santa, and BMW pulling off the fastest round of caroling ever sang, courtesy of the overseas M135i xDrive you can't get here quite yet (and never will as a hatchback) and Deutsche Touring Masters racing driver Martin Tomczyk. None of them make us dread Christmas, as they're all pretty entertaining. That can't be said of the Christmas music that's been playing at our local mall since the end of October, though. Which one of these three do you think is the best?
General Motors  -- "GM Jingle Bell Robots"

BMW -- "The Fastest Christmas Song in the World"

Mercedes-Benz -- "AMG Christmas 2012"

Sources: BMW, GM, Mercedes-Benz via YouTube