Twittering to win a Tesla Model S

By Automotive Staff | January 13, 2010
Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis has a new twitter account and, in an attempt to gain as large a following as possible, plans to give away a Tesla Model S to one lucky follower once his @auto account becomes the most popular twitter account in the world. Currently the most popular twitter belongs to Aston Kutcher who has more than 4.2 million followers. This means in the next year if nobody else starts following Kutcher, Calacanis’s @auto will need to gain almost 12,000 followers a day. We doubt @auto will overtake Aston Kutcher’s account anytime soon due to Tesla being one of the lesser known manufacturers.
Since Calacanis is a calculated risk taker known for playing his hand odds are in his favor, this is a pretty safe bet for him. However, whether Calacanis succeeds or not with this @auto account one thing is for sure he will gain loads more marketing attention. Calacanis is an American internet entrepreneur and former blogger who founded a search engine that works by tracking and building hand-crafted search results. The Tesla Model S is a high performance electric sedan designed to compete with other luxury vehicles such as the BMW 5-series which is why they are normally priced at US$109,000 Our take? We’ll be following @auto for a chance to win that Model S. via Why Buy Used Cars?