Tying the Knot: Fiat, Mazda to Build Sports Car for Alfa Romeo

By Trevor Dorchies | January 21, 2013
It took some time, but Fiat and Mazda have officially come to terms to build a two-seat sports car for the one of the Italian automaker's brands, Alfa Romeo. This to-be-named-later Alfa sports car will begin production in 2015 at Mazda's Hiroshima assembly facility. Fiat has said this sports car will be developed with the global market in mind. Does that mean Alfa Romeo will finally make its long-awaited (and perpetually pushed back) return to North America? Only time will reveal that answer, but we hope that's the case, as this new Alfa sports car will be based off of Mazda's MX-5 Miata. The agreement, signed by both automakers, calls for two noticeably different designs that feature rear-wheel drive and are iconic to each brand. We'll see about "iconic," but nevertheless, we're excited to see what fruit this agreement bears. Each automaker entered this agreement with two different objectives. Mazda is looking to develop and produce a sports car for the global market in a broader and more efficient way. As for Fiat, the goal is clear: get Alfa Romeo a competitive sports car to lead the automaker's charge back into the global market. Fiat plans to have this all-new Alfa Romeo sports car on the road by 2016. The Italian automaker is aiming to capture classic Alfa Romeo styling and blend it with today's technologies.
This agreement has been in the works for a while. If you recall, both automakers announced a deal back in May of last year and this latest deal expands upon the original one. More information about the Fiat-Mazda partnership surfaced in October of last year but it was uncertain if Fiat would acquire a piece of Mazda or just decide to work on developing a joint vehicle. Now, we have an answer to that question and we hope to see the finished product here in the states very soon. Source: Mazda