U.K. Fiat 500L Commercial Combines Hip-Hop Swag, Parental Humor in the "Motherhood"

By Automotive Staff | December 18, 2012
In the U.S., Fiat enlisted the help of supermodel Catrinel Menghia and Charlie Sheen to amp up the image of the small car and make it clever, sexy, and desirable. But Fiat has been a longstanding brand overseas and didn't need as much of the image boosting. Where the new 2013 Fiat 500L five-door hatchback is being marketed as a fun, funky vehicle in the U.S. that will ultimately be pitted against the Kia Soul and Mini Cooper Countryman to a certain extent, Fiat is a mainstream brand in the U.K. Its marketing efforts are going to be decidedly different. But if the "Motherhood" is any indication, they're going to be no less humorous. Welcome to the Motherhood, mothers.
That's the comedic gist of Fiat's newest musical webshort promoting the Italian brand's 500L, a lengthened sedan that recently debuted in America. But the star of the video is not the car, but rather the rapping mother-of-three waxing glam poetic on the daily rigors of mommyhood. The video, says Fiat, is "dedicated to all those women who have to be all things to all people and live it large on a daily basis." As this text can ascribe:
It's motherhood, it's another hood And once you're in the club, you're in for good We go from fighting nap hour rush to endless Doctor Q's And I'm flooding up your timeline with my baby news
There's more, of course, and it gets better, but you have to hand it to Fiat for pretty much nailing it.
Fiat looks like it's positioning the 500L as a family vehicle overseas, which makes sense. It's certainly big enough. While we're likely to never get a three-minute rap video for the 500L in the U.S., it's no less entertaining to watch what its U.K. audience is getting. Do you think the supermodel sex appeal approach we're getting is the way to go, or would you rather see more videos like the "Motherhood"? "Motherhood" U.K.

"Wedding" U.S.

Source: Fiat via YouTube