Hot Seller: Audi Plans North American Plant to Increase Production

By Sam Grossman | July 11, 2011
Maintaining a healthy vehicle inventory size has been an issue for Audi's booming U.S. division. In order to increase production, Audi has confirmed to Automotive News that it will be building a vehicle assembly plant in North America. While details of the plant, including models, location, and capacity are still in the works, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler says all decisions will be made within three years. “It is totally clear that we need new production capacity in the U.S.,” Stadler said to Automotive News. “The question only is when.” In order to increase local content, Audi is also considering building an engine and transmission plant in North America. With the German brand getting increasingly popular, building an assembly plant in North America isn’t a bad idea. In 2010, Audi set a sales record with 101,629 sales in the U.S. While this is a staggering number, Audi believes they can do even better. They plan to increase U.S. sales by 10 to 20 percent this year and could surpass 150,000 units by 2015.
Audi is aiming to double its global sales by 2020, selling a total of 2 million cars. The newest additions to Audi's U.S. lineup is the A6 midsize luxury sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLS-challenging A7 five-door hatchback. Source: Automotive News (Subscription required)