UAW to Ford: Build It Where You Sell It

By Jason Davis | October 05, 2011
Details about the UAW and Ford agreement are out, and one of the more feel-good stories of the historic accord is that Ford is adding jobs. American jobs. According to the Detroit Free Press, Ford is setting aside a $555 million investment for tools, equipment, and jobs for Flat Rock, Michigan, where the automaker plans to build the next-generation Fusion alongside the next Mustang. By the end of the month, Ford will have sold 200,000 Fusions, making it one of the best selling cars in America. But the Blue Oval manufacturer feels there is room for growth, and that the Fusion, which is currently built in Hermosillo, Mexico, can do better.
The DFP notes that the UAW contract calls for Flat Rock to be a "second source," and that there are plans for the factory to be flexible enough to build multiple vehicles based on a medium- and full-size platform. "Hermosillo right now is basically tapped out," said Aaron Bragman, an IHS automotive analyst. "They're producing every one they can. They had to put (the Fusion) somewhere." In addition to Flat Rock, Ford is also opening two new shifts at its Dearborn plant, which, in total, could add close to 6,000 jobs. Well played, Ford. Well played. Source: Ford, UAW