Unemployed Basketball Player Dunks Long-Distance in New Kia Advertisement

By Jacob Brown | October 24, 2011
With the NBA lockout in full swing, basketball players are coming up with creative ways to keep busy with their newfound free time. Blake Griffin is no exception. Gaining notoriety—and a sponsorship deal—after slam-dunking over a Kia Optima at last season’s NBA All-Star festivities, Griffin takes it to the next level in a 30-second spot called “Time to Shine.” In the commercial, Griffin follows a Kia Optima as he’s pulled along on a set of rollerblades. From there, he hits a ramp, launching 45 feet into the air to land a slam dunk. The premise for the commercial is half Harlem Globetrotters, half Evel Knievel, and completely absurd. Which is probably why I’ve now watched it a half-dozen times without changing my opinion. It’s absurd. But then again, so are a group of giant hip-hopping hamsters. Check the video below to see it in all of its absurdity for yourself. Source: Kia via YouTube