Unplugged: GM won’t Build Plug-in Version of Cadillac SRX

By Automotive Staff | June 02, 2011
Cadillac will not be coming out with a plug-in hybrid version of its Cadillac SRX crossover after all, according to Reuters, citing sources within General Motors. The main reason is apparently internal concerns over the financial viability of the project, although there are indications that it could be revived on a future model. In December, GM indicated that it had started working on the plug-in hybrid version of the Cadillac crossover using a version of the Voltec technology that powers the Chevrolet Volt, with GM CEO Dan Akerson going so far as to say the introduction of the vehicle was “likely.” But after apparently looking at the overall cost of production and factoring in that the SRX’s body style is already two years into its model cycle, GM’s beancounters decided the price would be too high to retrofit and produce the plug-in SRX.
All is not lost, however, for folks who were anticipating the vehicle. With the next-generation SRX already in development, it’s a distinct possibility the new platform will be designed to better accommodate the automaker’s Voltec tech. There’s also a possibility the automaker will bring another, new vehicle to market along the lines of the Volt MPV5 crossover it debuted at last year’s Beijing auto show. Despite the setback, GM continues to be bullish on the future of the Chevy Volt and is looking to increase production by a third to 60,000 vehicles a year by as early as 2012 if demand warrants. via Sam Grossman