UPDATE: Pininfarina Releases Second Teaser Of Cambiano Concept

By Blake Z. Rong | January 16, 2012
Yesterday we saw the front headlight (and some inexplicable floating orbs) of the Pininfarina Cambiano, the Italian design studio's sports sedan concept. And today, like a ransom note from a frustrated kidnapper, the company has released a second teaser—and it's just as pinkish as ever. This shot shows a view of the top of the concept's painted and polished wheels, as well as a fender vent emblazoned with the Pininfarina logo (nice example of branding there, guys). In the background are a few of those pool noodle things, bent to look like the Googie-styled Theme Building in the middle of LAX. Or maybe one of those bizarre mid-century European chairs. At the rate that Pininfarina is teasing us, we may see the finished car sometime in 2015—which won't bode well for the concept's scheduled debut at the Geneva Motor Show this March.
Source: Pininfarina