Used Toyota Prius Cost as Much as New Cars

By Automotive Staff | August 13, 2008
Because the cost of gasoline hovers around $4 a gallon, people driving less, people moving to be closer to where they work, companies advocating a four day work week.Another option, of course, is get a fuel efficient car. We've seen that with the dramatic sales of compacts and hybrids. This includes used vehicles. What do we mean? Well, listen to this. A used Toyota Prius is so much in demand these days that it cost more than a new Prius. That, or close to current prices. A 2007 Prius, for example, with about 22,000 miles on them are being sold for about $276 below what people are spending to buy a new Prius. Our take? We're not surprised by the increased price. The same thing happened when the second generation Prius first arrived in the market. By the way, Toyota intends to raise the price of a new Prius 2.2 percent to $28,445. Personally, we can't blame them. Cha-ching. via USA Today