Vibrating Crankshafts Shake Up Ferrari 458, California Sports Car Recall

By Joel Arellano | May 08, 2012
Ferrari is known around the world for the high-pitched scream of its V-8 and V-12 engines. These high-revving masterpieces are built to racecar specs, literally, as the tolerances required for them are exacting. Which makes it all the more surprising that Ferrari is recalling a small batch of its 458 and California supercars. According to the Italian automakers, an incorrect finish in the crankshaft could cause vibrations in the models to the point of possible engine damage. No accidents, injuries, or fatalities related to the above issue have been reported at the time of this post. Ferrari states 206 of its outstanding 13,000 California and 458 Italia exotic cars may be involved in this recall. A Ferrari spokesperson states the automaker is already contacting owners to bring their vehicles in to a dealer to address the issue.
Sources: Autocar